Shri Popatraoji Pawar

Shri Popatraoji Pawar

Sarpanch, Hivare Bazaar

पृथिव्या लाभे पालेन च यावन्त्यर्थशास्त्राणि पूर्वाचार्यैः प्रस्थापितानि प्रायशस्तानि सहंत्यैकमिदमर्थशास्त्रं कृतम् (Kautilya Arthashaastra 1.1.1)

Kautilya Arthashaastra ( the treatise on Science of Prosperity) has been prepared by Kautilya, by bringing together, the teachings of all Purvacharyaas and Gurus; it is a compendium of almost all the Arthashaastra (s), authored by ancient teachers, for acquisition and protection/ maintenance of the earth.

Arthashaastra, as created by Kautilya, clearly enunciates two things: a. This is a Science of prosperity, which any Leader in any domain and geography, can leverage, to bring sustained benefit to his/ her world;  b. There is boundless value in the sciences which our ancestors have created and wisdom lies in tapping into that treasure as solutions to all problems can be found there…

Shri Popatraoji Pawar, the Sarpanch of the “wealthiest” village in India, transformed Hivare Bazaar village in Maharashtra from a drought stricken impoverished village, to its present status using these two principles, in less than 10 years. First, he used time tested Indian water harvesting techniques. He used the various principles enshrined in the Arthashaastra, to bring abundance to the families of the village.

Which eternal principle/s from Indian ethos can you consider using, to enrich your organization?