Learning Programmes

Design & delivery of need-based Workshops of various identified areas – strategic programs:

  • Inspiring Leadership (Focus on Vision and Talent Development)
  • The Effective Manager (Focus on Execution)
  • Leading Change
  • Developing & Leading High-Performance Teams
  • The Seven Elements of Business Success
  • Expertise to Create a High-Performance Culture
  • Customer Centric Corporation
  • Polishing your Diamonds

Building a learning architecture – identification, conceptualization, design, delivery, follow-up, evaluation, certification

Learning Interventions

Using Saptang (7 Components) framework i.e. Leader, Manager, Markets/ Customer, Infrastructure, Finance, Workforce, Allies

  • Addressing a known organizational challenge and identifying & implementing solutions
  • Identifying hurdles to Leadership & business growth and addressing them
  • Support to scaling business growth at various stages
  • Facilitation of Leadership succession and transition
  • Facilitation of a progressive culture
  • Creating customized interventions to build Leadership capabilities and cultures

Application of “Mitra”(Partner)  model of Saptang framework – which is a blend of Coach & Confidante and modern coaching approaches

  • Need-based, using the Mitra model (as explained above) but adopted to various levels
    • For CEOs
    • For HODs & For Managers
  • Mitra model customized to various levels – Middle, Senior & Top Management
  • Continuous dialogue based on personal relationship, in familiar and friendly parlance, strongly steeped in eternal values, for elevating performance levels
  • High impact weekly action-oriented sessions using Video conferencing
Keynote Sessions

To provide the “Holistic approach” sought by corporate in predominantly modern management oriented events, customized to industry, company and function

Knowledge Content

Inspiring & contextualized content can be developed for Websites, House Magazines and for Online Learning modules

Taal Taalim Talent

Raising the Performance of Individuals and Team through medium of Music Taal = Rhythm Taalim = Educate, Nurture Talent = Natural endowment, innate ability Tal, Taalim, Talent is one such powerful and unique learning experience (workshop) which leverages a revolutionary approach to nurture the innate capabilities of Managers, as humans, to lead, to inspire and take bold strides ahead for the organization!