Rahul Dravid

Rahul Dravid

Coach Indian Cricket Team

प्रजानां विनयाधानाद्रक्षणाद्भरणादपि। स पिता पितरस्तासां केवल जन्महेतवः।। (Raghuvamsham I.24)

By enforcing discipline; by ensuring security and through preserving them (in their roles), he functioned as a father; thus rendering their father (only) as a progenitor    

Pandit Kalidas, as always, describes all the wonderful attributes of Leaders of yore, which made them truly great. Waxing eloquent about King Dilip, he says that the Leader uses a perfect combination of toughness and tenderness with the people. This so, because, he cares for each person rather than seeing them only as performing team members!                                                     

Rahul Dravid was first internationally loved for his cricket and now for his coaching. He says he doesn’t coach a “cricketer” but rather a person. He cares not about results alone, but also for the individuals he works with – touching their lives and nurturing them, just like Kalidas told us a Leader should do. He wants them to be the best, rather than extracting their best. Any wonder that he was honoured with a Padmabhushan in India and has received endless recognition the world over? – Exemplary Leadership!    

In your role as a Leader, are you leading human beings or warriors, who help you win?