Aabid Surti

Aabid Surti

Drop Dead Foundation

रेखामात्रमपि क्षुण्णादा मनोर्वर्त्मनः परम्। न व्यतीयुः प्रजास्तस्य नियन्तुर्नेमिवृत्तयः।। (Raghuvamsham I.17)

He did not swerve from the path trodden by Manu even by as much as a line; and (so) his subjects too never went off course, just as the rim of a wheel – not deviating from its orbital path!

The Raghuvamsham of Pandit Kalidas is a Leadership guide – and this Shlok refers to Manu’s descendant King Dilip, who followed his Dharma (purpose) under all circumstances, and without exception. Naturally, he became a role model for the subjects. They in turn, felt compelled to become ideal citizens, never slipping in their duty!

In a world that is running out of fresh water, there is 84-year-old Aabid Surti of Mumbai, who has taken it upon himself to save every single drop possible. Founder of the Mumbai-based NGO Drop Dead Foundation, Aabid has been going from door to door for the past 12 years, fixing leaking taps and educating users. Not only has he and his team covered 2,000 homes and saved over 20 million litres of water, but also made every home water conscious. That is clearly Dharma – based Leadership!

In accomplishing your purpose, are you merely touching the lives of people or are you transforming their hearts?