Dr Prakash Amte

Dr Prakash Amte

Ramon Magsaysay award recipient

शशाम वृष्ट्यापि विना दवाग्निरासीद्विशेषा फलपुष्पवृद्धिः। उनं न सत्वेष्वधिको बबाधे तस्मिन्वनं गोप्तरि गाहमाने।।                                                                             

When he penetrated the forest, as its protector, the wild fire got extinguished without rains; fruits and flowers became more abundant; and stronger animals did not oppress the weaker ones

This beautiful verse continues to eulogize King Dilip in this great classic of illustrious Leadership. It is imperative that Leaders recognize themselves as one of Mother Nature and espouse the protection of natural resources as a critical value – for the sustainability of the planet itself. The actions of such a Leader are proactive and inspire all, says the great Pandit Kalidas!                                           

The work of Dr. Prakash Amte and his wife, Dr. Mandakinitai Amte, is exemplary in this regard. The doctor couple (educated at Nagpur) not only accepted the forests of Hemalkasa in Gadchiroli, Maharashtra as home, but also embraced everything within those forests as family. They established medical facilities with minimal resources (even performing emergency surgery without electricity initially), then schools, for the native Gond tribals; followed by a large animal conservation facility for endangered animals, with whom they share a magical relationship. Their unceasing and purposeful philanthropic work won them many hearts and awards, including the Ramon Magsaysay award, a legacy of Dr. Prakash’s father, Baba Amte. Exceptional Leadership!

In your role as a Leader, how proactively do you strive for the protection of the environment and all its resources?